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Our Datacentre in Bundaberg is a secure and connected environment which you can take advantage of. Provide your customers the best possible experience, add reliability to your business and reduce stress by taking advantage of our colocaiton services.

Before you spend money on fibre internet services, backup power generators, air conditioning and 24/7 security, contact us to see how you can save money, stress and reduce risk.



High speed redundant fibre services between Bundaberg and Brisbane. These services are carrier grade and under service level agreements to ensure maximum uptime.

Low latency connections provide comparitable services here in Bundaberg that are possible in Brisbane CBD.

500 Mbit/s servics are provided standard, though speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s are available if required.


Stable cooling is important for the reliability and longevity of computer systems.

Our Colocation room is maintained at a stable tempreture 24 hours per day. This is also monitored along with all our Datacentre services.


The security of your business is critical and we take this seriously.

Physical security is managed by access control systems and monitored by Rechenberg Security.

Before access is provides all individuals are required to provide photo ID and pass background checks.


Dual power circuts (A+B) are provided to each colocation rack which are filtered and a UPS system. Generator backup is also installed with an automatic transfer switch providing continuity in the event of mains power loss.

24 hours of fuel is stored on-site with repleshment plans in place.

Our Datacentre

Some of our Services

Physical Access : After your initial induction and security checks you will have 24/7 access to the Datacentre and Colocation Room. If you would like us to allow anyone else access to your equipmnent we can provide escorted access.

Remote Hands : We are availble to perform tasks such as check cables, reboot servers, update configuration and more if needed. So if you are unable to come into the Datacentre simply give us a call and we can perform these tasks 24/7.

Support : Using Datacentre services ourselves for many years, we are experienced in the networking field and are able to assist you when needed. And of course our support is based in Bundaberg.


When installing your servers and equipmnet in our Datacentre you don't need to go through the expensive process of secuity, availability, let alone monitoring and maintaining. If it's for business continuity, remote offces or customer services Colocation can reduce costs and risk.

Colocation Plans

Offsite Storage

If you simply need a secure facility to store offsite backups, and haven't done this before. Our storage plans are designed for you. You get all the benifits of Colocation except we bundle in a NAS server for you. We'll even help configure it.

Storage Plans

Website Hosting

Why host your website overseas or on the cloud somewhere. Sure you could save a little but is anyone there when you need them? We offer website hosting right here in Bundaberg. Have a look at our hosting options, give us a call, or better yet, come in and see us!

Hosting Plans


For details on the Datacentre we have a document which details the major specifications. If you have any further questions or would like to have a look at the facilities please contact us.


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