How important is data security to your business?

Ezi-Web’s Datacentre provides a solution to this, offering high-end security with an optimal environment for your servers, devices and other equipment. 

How do we do this?

Our security system controls all physical and virtual access points in order to protect your hardware from intruders.   The Ezi-Web premises (and Datacentre) is monitored by Rechenberg Security Monitoring.  Rechenbergs’ Monitoring Centre is certified in accordance with both Australian and International Standards.   Surveillance runs 24/7 and uses backup power systems to ensure it never goes off-line.

Further to this, all Ezi-Web staff and Datacentre users are required to sign an Access Form that requires provision of photo ID and a police check.

It is our priority to ensure a high standard of protection for your assets and data. 

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