We are excited!


Because of the new Datacentre facility that we have recently established! The only one of its kind in Bundaberg, our Datacentre offers features to the public that are normally only available in larger cities.

You might be wondering what a Datacentre is?

A Datacentre is a facility which provides an optimal environment for your servers, devices and other equipment. It offers high-end security, power and cooling. ‘Colocation’ is an associated term used to describe the services provided to you when you place your equipment in a Datacentre.

Ezi-Web strives to support local businesses as much as we possibly can and our Datacentre provides businesses with high-quality offsite data storage and Colocation solutions.

Additionally, this initiative also brings faster and more reliable communication and internet services to the Bundaberg region!

For more information, visit our website ezi-web.com.au/colocation/ or Phone 1300394932.

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