Residential Fixed Wireless

Ezi-Web Internet

Fast Connection

We use advanced wireless antennas to connect to your router. Unlike satellite connections, our wireless tower does not get affected by weather.


Faster Speeds

We are able to achieve 200Mbit/s through our service. Currently other NBN providers are only able to achive half of this.



Using the EziWeb Wholesale network, our connections are completely separate from the other internet providers


Local Support

We are a truly local business and do our best to support our local community. No overseas call centres, just locals!

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Light-use plan

Ideal for the occasional internet user looking for email access, social media browsing and watching standard definition video.

Unlimited Data
WiFi Router Incl.
12Mbit/s Speed

$70 /month

Medium-use plan

Great for multiple-users requiring access to the web for video streaming, social media posting and send-receiving large attachments via email.

Unlimited Data
WiFi Router Incl.
30Mbit/s Speed

$80 /month

Most popular plan!

Our all-time most popular option for families looking for streaming HD movies via any of the popular services such as Netflix, Stan and others. Also great for large data backups, sending big attachments via email and online gaming.

Unlimited Data
WiFi Router Incl.
50Mbit/s Speed

$90 /month

Maximum speed plan

When you need blazing fast access choose this plan! Perfect for the streaming game sessions, watching HD TV on multiple devices and getting things done quickly on your favourite web browser.

Unlimited Data
WiFi Router Incl.
100Mbit/s Speed

$125 /month

Need assistance?

Call 1300 EZI WEB (1300 394 932) to find out more information from our Support specialists. We can help determine the best plan for your needs and fast-track the installation of your new service.

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