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Residential Fibre to the Building

Really is a service with the edge!

This Fibre to the Building (FTTB) service is an alternative to the NBN service. Only currently available in selected buildings, a fibre cable direct from our Datacentre in Brisbane CBD connects each building.

It's hard to better. Sure speed and reliability is excellent, but our customer service is taken to the next level when using this network. We are able to assist much faster and more effectively. We designed and built the network, and now monitor and support it!.

Connecting to your apartment is easy. It actually already there! Simply select your plan, place the order and we'll be in contact to arrange you router. Which again, the router is already there waiting for you. If you are unsure about anything our friendly team can guide you through the process.


It all starts with your WiFi network at home.

Ensure you have good Wifi coverage to get the best out of your Ezi-Web service.If this is something you need to look at, we can help you with the planning and installation of a WiFi network.

2 Fibre Connection

The link between you and us.

A dedidcated fibre connection is connected to your building and our Datacentre in Brisbane CBD. This bypasses the complexity of other networks ensuring less problems. This is the best possible scenerio when connecting to an ISP.


Where the magic happens.

Our network extends from our Bundaberg Datacentre, to Brisbane and Sydney. The network has been designed to maximise uptime, and reliability. Unlike other providers we have established a presence in Bundaberg bringing high speed connections to the region.


Connecting you to services.

To reach beyond our network, we have connections to many other service providers, content providers such as Facebook and Netflix as well as international connections. We are always expanding our reach to provide the quickest conncetions to key destinations.

Christmas Holidays are here!

Get connected before kids go crazy

Are you ready for the demanding internet needs over the Christmas Holidays? Make sure you get your order is as soon as possible.

Service Details


Customer support is a focus for all our team members. We love solving problems and knowing customers are happy.

Majority of our support staff are located in Bundaberg QLD, with some members in Brisbane ready to help customers in that area. No call centers to work through, call or email and communicate directly to us!

We know you'll love the personal touch.


Our network has grown over the past 15 years and now extends from Bundaberg, through Brisbane and to Sydney. Located in key Datacentres we have a reliable and redudant network.

The Ezi-Web support team are monitoring our network and key facilities to ensure the best possible uptime for our customers.

For critical services we recommend our business services which include specific monitoring for each service.


With many people still changing from ADSL to NBN, we are able to guide you through this process to ensure a smooth transition.

For all new services we configure your new router and phone before sending them to you. The day your service is connected we will ensure our support team is ready to assist you with any questions.


This isn't always an easy question. For most people 25 Mbit/s is enough to stream movies, play games and work from home.

For most areas 40-50 Mbit/s is achievable on NBN. The 50 Mbit/s is great when there are multiple people using the service at he same time, or more than one movie streaming.

For those who need that little bit extra, faster plans are available. Not all NBN services can reach the 100 Mbit/s speeds (such as NBN Wireless and most NBN FTTN), though for the other areas you can enjoy these high speeds and do everything that little bit faster.

Our Customers Say

Fibre to the Building Plans

Fast and easy! Each apartment in the building is already connected to our network, all we need to do is enable the service. What's better, routers are stored at each building ready for you to collect! Like our other services, plans can be changed to faster or slower as required.

All our plans come with free email address, flexible contracts (change plans, and addresses)

Working from home, or Business? You may like to check our business plans which come with additional support and service monitoring

Plans are slighlty different in each building. To display plans available to you please select your building.

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