EZI-WEB FIXED Wireless Business



EZI-WEB FIXED Wireless Business


What is the difference with fixed wireless internet?


We use advanced wireless antennas to connect to your router. Unlike satellite connections, our wireless tower does not get affected by weather


Our point-to-point transmission means you get better than average connection speeds and lower latency regardless of the time of day


Using the EziWeb Wholesale network, our connections are completely separate from the other internet providers

Local Support

We are a truly local business and do our best to support our local community. No overseas call centres, just locals!

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Business Plans

For residential plans, see our residential wireless plans page.

Whats the difference?

  • Service can be used in guest apartments / rooms at the service address
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Physical fault restoration 9am – 5pm business days (24/7 optional)
  • $1 / Gigabyte excess usage

Optional – Support Level Agreement
Support agreements are an option for business plans. This agreement features the following: 

  • Technical support 24/7
  • Physical fault restoration 24/7 days where possible. Including onsite visit
  • Includes managed router
  • SLA Cost: $800 setup and $100 / month


500GB Data
WiFi Router Incl.
50/20 Mbit/s Speed


$139 /month

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500GB Data
WiFi Router Incl.
100/40 Mbit/s Speed


$299 /month


500GB Data
WiFi Router Incl.
200/100 Mbit/s Speed


$499 /month 

Need assistance?

Call 1300 EZI WEB (1300 394 932) to find out more information from our Support specialists. We can help determine the best plan for your needs and fast-track the installation of your new service.

What our customers say

“Connected and online the same day, perfect!”

“Thanks for the great service!”

“It’s great to talk to people that know what they are talking about.”

“Fantastic service, excellent internet connections, I highly recommend Arron and the team to everyone!”

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Contact Details

Phone: 1300 EZI WEB (1300 394 592)

Head Office: Maryborough St, Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

Email: support@ezi-web.com.au

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