Welcome to Ezi-Web!

As a modern Internet Service Provider (ISP) and supplier of leading Wi-Fi / hotspot management systems, Ezi-Web is a niche provider offering cutting edge technologies and highly personalized services.

When you reach out to us with an enquiry or for support, you will be pleased to speak with an experienced representative—not a call centre.

Reliability of your services is paramount. With that as a core factor in our business model, we have spared no expense and invested years into the creation of the system. We are proud that it is now capable of handling large loads and providing extensive load sharing and fail over redundancy across all of our services. Your satisfaction is our highest priority so we ensure near zero downtime on the network. We achieve this by placing our systems in premier, high performing Australian hosting facilities which are manned 24/7. These are utilized by many of the most demanding systems in Australia.

Website Hosting and Colocation

Essential to growing any modern business, your website represents your core values and shares them to people across all mediums. Customers expect, and you can give them, instant access to your products and services and much more. There is no limit to the possibilities. Click below to find out more.

Internet Services

We are dedicated to providing high quality internet services, and too those which are normally left out. With the many connection types available, including the NBN and our Fixed-Wireless network. We are sure to be able to provide you with a quality service.

Business Phone

Times are changing! Using our hosted business PBX systems and single VoIP phone services you can save substantial amounts over a standard phone system. 

About Ezi-Web

We create highly automated and efficient web services for everyone

Our team are highly experienced at hosting and creating websites, managing enterprise email accounts and providing highly secure offline storage options for any business case. This has been achieved through many years of work on advanced server scenarios for both intranet and public websites across many industries, email hosting services (from one to thousands of users) and secure data transfers for transfer, synchronised storage, recovery and successful traffic analysis services for large corporate networks across the world (covering multiple facilities across 5 continents).

When it comes to home, business and government web services and hosting, our experience, business knowledge and drive for excellence surpasses the competition everyday.

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