Your equipment is secure, available and connected to a high speed backbone network. Providing your business and customers the best possible experience.

Major Features

  • Secure storage in Bundaberg CBD
  • 24/7 Physical Access
  • Ensure uptime with redundant systems


What is Colocation and how it can benefit your business »

A quick introduction and explanation of what colo is …

Colocation is a data centre strategy that provides businesses with a hosting environment that would not be possible to replicate on premise, within a modest IT budget.

What is colocation?

Colocation is a hosting service where businesses rent hardware space in a data centre. You provides your own server hardware, and the we provide an IP address, bandwidth, and power to the machines, as well as the physical building, security and cooling equipment. Space can usually be rented by the rack U or rack.

What are the advantages over on premise hosting?

  • Reliability: Uninterrupted network and power access is key to business continuity. Colocation facilities offer redundancy and resilience at a level that is typically not possible for in-house setups. 100% network uptime is commonly achieved in colocation data centres, and they connect to multiple power sources, including backup generators, which would be expensive for a private data centre to implement.
  • Security: Data centres have rigorous security measures in place to control access to equipment. As well as CCTV surveillance access control systems are used to manage access to racks and equipment.
  • Scalability: As your business expands, you need more capacity. This is easily achievable in colocation facilities that have an large amounts of rack space and bandwidth. The nature of colocation pricing also simplifies scaling on the go, as you pay your host for only what you use.
  • Cost: For many businesses an on premise data centre is an inefficient option. By implementing a colocation strategy you do not need to invest in the infrastructure to house your hardware securely, with utmost performance. Through using a ‘remote hands’ add-on to your colocation service, where engineers perform server maintenance on your behalf when needed, you can also reduce the costs associated with employing a large team of your own engineers.

Bundaberg Colocation Plans

  • Prices shown including GST.
  • Access tokens available at $25 each per year for 24/7 unattended access. Security checks and induction required. Escorted access available during business hours for occasional access.
  • Max speed on included data is 1Gbit/s

Additional Services

  • Additional data, either per TB or transit service. Transit services sold by Mbit/s with unlimited data.
  • Remote Hands. For maintainence tasks such as server reboots, hard drive replacements or cabling we can do this for you while communicating over the phone. Saving you the need to come into the facility. After hours remote hands available (additional cost applies)
  • After Hours Support. Our NOC (Network operation centre) is available 24/7 for any outages or emergancy effecting your services.
  • Advanced Network Services are available if required. These include BGP, Transit, Peering and cloud services access.
  • Wholesale Internet Services. Layer 2 and 3 internet services for NBN and Ezi-Web FTTB and Fixed-Wireless networks.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to take advantage of our colocation service, or would like to discuss your needs call us on 1300 EZIWEB. One of our sales team will be able to work through the process with you.