How to make payments

There a few methods for making payments on your Ezi-Web invoices. The information below describes in detail the steps for each payment method.

Accessing your invoices

  • Log into the Ezi-Web Portal

Payment methods

  • Manual – Credit Card
  • Automatic – Credit Card
  • Automatic – Direct Debit
  • Bank Transfer
  • BPay


Log into the Ezi-Web Portal

To do this you will need your Ezi-Web username and password. This would have been emailed to you when ordering your first Ezi-Web service. If you do not know these they can be retrieved by contacting us on or using online chat on our website.

At the bottom of the Ezi-Web page ( there is a login form. Enter your username and password and click login. This will take you to the portal home page.


When you are logged in, on the right hand side click on the link ‘View / Pay Invoices’. This will take you to a list of outstanding invoices. You can download the invoice, or choose to pay via credit card on this screen.

Manual Payment via Credit Card

To pay your invoices via credit card, you can do this from the ‘View Invoices and receipts’ page once logged into the portal as described above. Simply click the pay button next to each invoice.

Automatic Payment via Credit Card

When logged into the portal, click on the ‘Setup and Financial Tools’ button on the left menu.

At the bottom of the screen, select ‘Credit Card’ from the automatic payment method dropdown box. The required fields will appear below.

Enter your credit card details and press the ‘Save card details’ button. Then click ‘Update’.

Automatic Payment via Direct Debit

This is much the same process are setting up automatic credit card payments. Instead of selecting ‘Credit Card’ for the automatic payment menthod, select ‘Direct Debit’. Click the update button, then enter your bank details in the relevant fields.

Make sure you click ‘Update’ again to save you details.


Bank Transfer

You may find it easier to transfer money using a traditional bank transfer. To do this use your account number (Lxxxxxx) for the description. This is very important or we wont know who the payment was from. You account number (sometimes called location ID) can be found on your invoice. It will begin with L and be a 4 or 6 digit number.

Account Name: WebTraf Pty Ltd
BSB: 084-571
Acc No. 81-461-1003
Description: your account number, i.e.   L123456


Using your online or phone banking you can pay using BPay. Your BPay biller code and referernce numbers can be found on the bottom of your invoice.

If you are unsure on how you pay using BPay, please contact your bank or financial institution.


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