Finding the cause to speed issues

Finding the cause to slow internet speeds

There are many reasons why your internet service may be going slower than expected. The steps below are some checks you can go through to find the cause.

It’s worth mentioning, that depending on what website or server you are connecting too, different speeds can be experienced. For example if the website is a long distance away (or overseas) speeds will be slower. Also not all servers online are capable of delivering high speeds to everyone at once.


The first step is to do a speed test using one of the Ezi-Web speed test servers

• Bundaberg –
• Brisbane –

Take a note of what the test results are. These will be your benchmark for when changing settings or performing the below tests.


Check for any known issues or faults

You can view any knowns issues or faults on our status page at


Rebooting your router and access points

As much as you commonly hear “have you turned it off and on again”, this does resolve a lot of problems.

Consumer grade routers and access points do require to be turned off and on again every so often. It is highly recommended you turn the power off to your router for 2 minutes before proceeding. This may save you a lot of time searching for a problem that doesn’t exist.


Verify if the problem is related to Wifi

The most common reason for slow internet speeds is Wifi interference. We have a guide dedicated to this and we suggest reading before progressing further. This guide can be viewed at


Check for other devices transferring data

Turn off or disconnect other devices using the internet. These devices may be unknowingly to you transferring data which is effecting your internet speed. Some routers have a button on the back to turn off the routers Wifi. This is an easy way to disconnect multiple devices during testing (you will need the computer you using for testing to be connected using a network cable to do this).

When your routers Wifi or network lights are flashing very quickly this is a indication of traffic being uploaded or downloaded.


Restart your computer or phone/iPad

If your computer hasn’t been restarted for a while it may have a lot of applications and background tasks running. Restarting will clear a lot of these. Also check you don’t have any programs or applications running which may be using the internet.



Test the speed over a period of time.

If you believe your internet speed is related to different times of day (peak periods etc), perform several speed tests over a period of time. Using the Ezi-Web speed test servers, you can leave the page open after the test is complete and it will retest the speed every 10 minutes.

These results are logged on our system so we refer back to these if you contact us. Please do this for 1 to 2 hours before contacting us if possible.


Still no luck?

If you are still have problems with your speed and need help. Please email and include what steps you have tried or were unable to do.



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