TP Link VR500v (VDSL-PPPoE)

Setup Instructions – TP Link VR500V (VDSL PPPoE)

To begin using your Ezi-Web confiugured TP-Link router you can either connect via Wifi or using an ethernet cable connected to the LAN port (yellow sockets). If you have just received your device then it should be ready to go out of the box. No further configuration is required.

If you have reset your device then follow these steps to reactivate your service connection:

Step 1. Ensure you are connected to the router and open a browser then enter the address into the address bar. You should see the following screen:

Enter any password you can easily remember into both boxes and then click ‘Let’s Get Started’.

Step 2. You should now see the following Quick Setup screen:

Ensure that you choose the correct Region and Time Zone e.g. Australia and (GMT + 10:00) Brisbane – if this is your timezone. Click Next.

Select “Other” for the ISP List on the next screen and click ‘Next’.

Step 4. VDSL should be selected. You must then Enable VLAN ID and type in ‘100’. The next step is to make sure PPPoE is selected from the drop-down list. Finally enter your credentials where highlighted:

There is occasional latency when reconnecting the service so please allow 1-3 minutes before accessing the internet.

Step 5. Configure your WiFi password and ensure both 2.4 and 5 Ghz options are enabled:

Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 7. This is an optional step. Select whether you are using WiFi or cable connection and click Next.

You router is now configured and internet access will be available. You can check the status of the internet connection on the Status menu option.


If you are presented with a Login screen after you Reset (asking for the username/password) – the default is admin with password admin.

If you can’t access the default IP address ( – it could have been changed from within the Admin options. To re-enable the default IP address you may have to reset the router to default settings using the Reset button located on the back of the device.

If you find your internet connection is slowing down intermittently or is dropping out – try connecting to the router using an ethernet cable and run the following test: – this will rule out WiFi interference. Additionally this test will log the information with our monitoring service and we can then cross-check it against your account to gain further insight into your connection.