TP Link W8950N – WiFi Configuration

How to change WiFi Configuration and channel – TP Link W8950N

To begin configuring your TP-Link router you can either connect via Wifi or using an ethernet cable connected to the LAN port.

Open a browser and enter the address into the address bar. The default username is admin with password admin.
This is the default IP address which may have been changed. If you are unable to connect to the router you may need to reset it to defaults.


From the left hand menu, select ‘Wireless’ then ‘Basic’. Using the ‘Enable Wireless’ tick box you can enable or disable the Wifi on you router. In most cases you will leave this ticked.

To change the name of the Wifi, enter the new name into the ‘SSID1’ field. Please note, if you change this after clicking the save button any devices which are connected via Wifi will disconnect and will need to be reconnected using the new name.

Ensure that the country is set to ‘Australia’. If this is incorrectly set the router may not use the correct frequencies/channels.

After making changes, click the ‘Save Apply’ button.

If you wish to change the Wifi channel (frequency) that is used, you can do so by selecting ‘Advanced’ on the left hand menu. By default it will be set to auto. The automatic setting will work well is most cases, though if you are in an area with alot of other Wifi devices you may be best to selected a channel manually. Selecting the best channel is trial an error, so you may have to change this over a period of a few days to find the best channel for you.

After making any changes click the ‘Save/Apply’ button.



Remember if you changed the Wifi SSID (Wifi name) you will need to reconnect any Wifi devices you have to the router.


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