TP Link W8980 (PPPoE)

Setup Instructions – TP Link W8980 (PPPoE)

To begin configuring your TP-Link router you can either connect via Wifi or using an ethernet cable connected to the LAN port.

Open a browser and enter the address into the address bar. The default username is admin with password admin.
This is the default IP address which may have been changed. If you are unable to connect to the router you may need to reset it to defaults.


To establish an internet connection, the router needs to be changed to ‘Wireless Router Mode’. To do this select ‘Operation Mode’ from the left menu.


Change the Operation Mode to “Wireless Router Mode” and click the save button. This process will take a few moments to complete.

The next step is to setup the WAN configuration.

Select ‘Network’ from the menu and change the connection type to ‘PPPoE’.

The next step is the change the name of the Wireless network (also known as the SSID).

Select ‘Wireless 2.4Ghz’ from the menu. From a default configuration all you need to do is change the wireless “SSID” to something you can identify your router by.

Click the save button.

This router supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi, so you need to repeat the process changing the 5Ghz Wifi name. Select ‘Wireless 5Ghz’ from the menu and change the wireless ‘SSID’.

Click the save button.

If you have connected an ethernet cable from the WAN/LAN4 socket on the router to your apartment wall socket your router will establish an internet connection shortly.

You router is now configured and internet access will be available. You can check the status of the internet conenction on the Status menu option.


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