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If you are like most people and rely on your internet router to provide WiFi coverage, you will have found parts of your home where the internet is slow or just doesn't work. Installing a WiFi network solves this problem by providing uniform coverage throughout the home.

With more devices now using WiFi, it's even more important for fast and reliable a internet connection. We have over 15 years of experience in installing WiFi networks in homes and businesses. Contact us and discuss how we can improve on your home WiFi network.

The home WiFi network is one of the most overlooked elements when having an internet service connected.

2021 Kickstart Sale

Now is the time to solve your home WiFi coverage

If you have been putting up with slow speeds and bad coverage in your home, we have a special offer for you! For all orders placed before March 31st we are offering 30% off each access point! This can be as much as a $165 saving.

To take advantage of this offer, simple placing your order before March 31st. Offer covers standard home installs only. Contact us for full details of the offer.

Home WiFi Network

To ensure maximum speeds possible from your internet service, you need a strong WiFi signal and even coverage. Each wall or obsticle the signal passes through the slower your speed becomes. Even 1 wall can make a large difference.

As part of the installation we run a cable from your router to each access point. Wireless bridges (and repeaters etc) can be used where this isn't possible, though cabled networks are always preferrred.

Our service doesn't stop there, the access points we install are monitored by our central monitoring system. This enables us to assist with configuration changes and support if the need arises.

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Equipment and Options

We've kept it simple! You select between the two systems we offer and we'll take care of the planning and design of your network. This can range from 1 access point through to muliple access points and cabled wall sockets.

Home and Small Business

For homes and smaller businesses we recommend using the Ubiquity UniFi access point range. We have 100's of these access points installed in both home's and accomodation businesses.

• Remote Management
• Dual Band WiFi (2.4 and 5Ghz)
• Basic VLAN support
Selected Range: Ubquity Unifi
$440 per Access Point Installed (Typical Home Installation)

Business and Complex Networks

For demanding businesses uses, complex and high performance networks we recommend using the Cambium range of products. We have 100's of these access points installed in both home's and accomodation businesses.

• Remote Management
• Dual Band WiFi (2.4 and 5Ghz)
• Enterprise Grade
• 2x2 MIMO
• VLAN and 16 SSID
• Multi-hop Mesh Capable
Selected Model: cnPilot e410
$550 per Access Point Installed (Typical Home Installation)

Not sure what equipment or how many access points? That's what we are here for! We can plan out your WiFi network and provide a quote that suits your needs and budget.
Call us on 1300 934 932 to get started on improving your experience.

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